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PatBase Analytics v3
PatBase Analytics v3

Powerful, in-depth analysis in seconds

  • Visualise a birds-eye view of market trends and key competitors as well as identification of potential business partners and licensing opportunities
  • Create visually appealing reports to communicate the results clearly for key decision makers in a boardroom environment
  • Gain competitive intelligence by understanding the current landscape, predict where your market is heading and spot trends in areas of interest to aid investment
  • A critical step in research and development as well as competitive or patent strategy for any company or institution
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PatDocs is a first-of-its-kind patent data platform for all IP professionals that utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence developed by Minesoft, designed to complement advanced patent database search platforms such as PatBase.

PatDocs unique platform enables:

1. Technical experts can utilize Minesoft’s AI “quantity searching” module, which uses natural language search queries and PatDocs unique AI interpretation to detect and understand quantities e.g. length, mass, temperature. All quantities with compatible units are automatically searched. This makes searching for quantities frictionless, no matter value system input.

For example, a search in pascals(pressure) may find results given in N/m2, mm Hg, millibar etc. The context for some quantity types is captured e.g. “Fe: 1-20 wt%” allows searching for iron-containing alloys, while other scenarios can be handled by user-provided proximity queries e.g. “10-14 volts” within n words of “battery”.

2. IP administrators can download an unlimited number of patent PDF complete files, just the front page and easily share or upload.

3. IP paralegals can download an unlimited number of global patent machine-translated documents from over 25 jurisdictions into English. PatDocs saves time and money by enabling users to quickly download and import translations into their preferred IP Management System.

4. IP lawyers can monitor the four key PAIR data points: legal status, file history,transaction history, and continuity on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis only receiving a notification when a change occurs and with links to legal status and family trees.

5. IP licensing executives can generate global patent family trees with one click to present a birds-eye view of all patent family relationships including unpublished applications in a genealogy tree that is easy to interpret, annotate and share.

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PatBase is a leading global patent search and analysis platform hosting millions of patent documents from all around the world! The online solution simplifies patent searching by providing a wide range of tools and features to support research and sharing information.

Machine translations are embedded in the search and review functions, breaking down language barriers to unlock crucial patent text understanding. The Machine translations are often available on the same day as new patent documents. Minesoft’s PatBase partner RWS, a leading translation company, is constantly improving the quality of Machine Translations on PatBase.

PatBase’s Smart Claims viewer uses an AI-enabled technique to recognize Independent and Dependent claims in Patent full text helping users jump between claims to review. Independent claims can also be searched from the search forms or command line for finely targeted research.

PatBase Analytics is included in the PatBase, which uses AI technologies to generate automatic charts summarizing key trends across any number of patent documents loaded from PatBase. The rendered visual charts, diagrams, heat maps and clusters can be exported and shared to support strategic discussions.

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  1. Focus can give you unparalleled strategic insight into your competitive environment and the players in it. With Focus, you can hone your IP strategy, and effectively communicate its value to the board.
  2. Founded in 2019 (seed funding). Pilots in 2020. Scoring portfolios. SaaS launch Q1 2021
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