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Machine Learning tools are changing the way IP professionals are doing their jobs. From prosecution to searching, new systems are making the tasks associated with intellectual property development more efficient. While this is welcome news, practitioners still have plenty of questions on how these tools work and incorporate them into an existing workflow., the leading resource for machine learning for IP, is happy to present a series of webinars introducing companies providing machine learning based systems for working in the IP field. Each webinar will contain the following segments:

  • All of the sponsors will work on a shared case study. This allows viewers to see how each system worked with the same topic or collection of data. We will begin by looking at qubit generation for quantum computing. A detailed demonstration of the system working with the case will be provided.
  • The sponsors will also share details about the unique attributes of their systems. This will allow the viewer to see some of the critical features of each of the tools highlighted.
  • There will be time for questions. Each session will have a moderator and technical representatives of the sponsor available to answer detailed questions.

By attending each of the sessions, viewers can compare the various systems based on a common topic. They will also learn additional functions that make each tool unique.

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