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Rowan Patents is an integrated platform that provides all the elements to draft a patent – claims, drawings, and specification – in one tool, synchronized and linked together to ensure consistency. You don’t have to copy and paste between multiple tools that are not connected to each other. When you make a change in one place, the dynamic environment updates the entire application. This provides consistency and with it, reduced errors.

An object-based set of terms are the connection between the claims, specification, and the drawings. If you have a claim term not in the drawings/specification or a drawing element that does not have a reference in the specification, our analytics will identify it for you. If you change a term, you don’t have to perform a search and replace; simply change it in the term manager and the entire application is updated.

The drawing tool handles numbering of figures and parts automatically. Add a drawing in the middle of your set of drawings or a part to a drawing, the system automatically renumbers every part and every reference to that part throughout the application. Drag and drop to change the order of drawings, and all references are automatically updated. Same with claim numbering. Move one around and everything gets renumbered, even the dependencies are maintained. Rowan Patents makes mundane numbering a thing of the past.


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