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Amplified was built to make working with patent information simpler and more effective. By reading full text and leveraging data such as examination history, Amplified learns what patents mean not just what they say.

Our deep learning AI has been trained on over 140 million records so you get get professional grade results without complex queries and distracting noise. Just describe an idea in plain language or enter a patent number. Powerful filters make it easy to direct search results to particular technical features for maximum control and efficiency.

Amplified also makes it easy to access your previous work by keeping the data you review organized and searchable. Add notes and annotations, keep track of patents you've seen before, and collaborate with your team on shared projects.


Free 14 day trial. Paid plans available on a pay-as-you-go basis per project or through a flat per user monthly or annual fee. For more details, please visit our pricing page.

Included Data

Amplified covers over 120 million patents globally including 97+ countries and 22 languages. AI searching is currently available in native English and Japanese. Additional languages are now in beta testing and available on request. English searching includes about 34m original language publications and 50m machine translations. For more detail, please see our full coverage.

  • Two options for AI relevance sorting: Neural and Classic
  • Instant similarity search from patent number or natural language text
  • Customize and train AI in real-time with relevant patents
  • Filter results with keywords targetable by field (title, abstract, claims, descriptions)
  • IPC and CPC class code filters
  • Boolean logic for filters (AND/OR/NOT)
  • Proximity and wildcard operators
  • Bibliographic field search including assignee, inventor, publication date, priority date, publishing office
  • Legal status and publication type filters
  • Native language search in English (includes machine translations), Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, and Spanish
  • Family data, backward citations, forward citations
  • Multi-color keyword highlighting and term counts

Methods Used
  • Proprietary deep learning model to map patents by concept
  • Natural language processing
  • Natural language understanding
  • Neural networks

Value Added Data

Amplified AI-ranked similar patents

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Analysis Included

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Data Export

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