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Amplified gives superpowers to IP and R&D teams. Through cutting edge AI and smart automation, Amplified makes finding and sharing technical knowledge faster, more efficient, and more effective. Just by writing down their ideas, researchers and engineers instantly get back similar patents and can easily share that context and how their invention is unique with an attorney. Patent professionals can go deeper to gain peace of mind with only a fraction of the time and cost. Amplified's naturally intelligent patent search has been verified on more than 1.5 million patent applications and is trusted by leading IP departments, law firms, and patent analysts around the world. Empower your team to do more with fast, accurate, and reliable patent intelligence.


Free 14 day trial. Paid plans available on a pay-as-you-go basis per project or through a flat per user monthly or annual fee. For more details, please visit our pricing page.

Included Data

Amplified covers over 120 million patents globally including 97+ countries and 22 languages. AI searching is currently available in native English and Japanese. Additional languages are now in beta testing and available on request. English searching includes about 34m original language publications and 50m machine translations. For more detail, please see our full coverage.

  • Full text keyword and boolean search targetable by field (title, abstract, claims, descriptions)
  • Assignee
  • Inventor
  • For keywords, assignee, and inventor searching wildcards and NOT logic (exclusion) supported
  • Keyword multi-color highlights and frequency counts per result
  • Priority and publication date
  • Patent number lookup
  • Quick search (simple semantic search)
  • Amplified Narrow search: using natural language text input focuses on specific concept matches
  • Amplified Broad search: custom deep learning model ranks similarity of an entire invention description against all patent publications in real-time
  • Broad search re-ranking to learn in real-time from saved results
  • Amplified AI similarity search from a patent number
Methods Used
  • Proprietary deep learning model to map patents by concept
  • Natural language processing
  • Natural language understanding
  • Neural networks

Value Added Data

Amplified AI-ranked similar patents

API Available:


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Analysis Included

Key term highlighting

Data Export

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