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Artificial Researcher
Artificial Researcher

Artificial Researcher is an information technology company and a start-up in the text mining industry. We are specialists in developing novel and innovative cross genre scientific text mining systems tailored to the needs of researchers and information search professionals, such as client customized indices for local deployment.

Part of the text mining technology was developed during our CEO Linda Andersson's PhD work at Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien), for example the passage retrieval, the automatic query formulation, and a merging method of document index and paragraph index. Our system solutions offer our customers and clients a market advantage, we reduce their efforts in terms of time spent searching and reviewing information.

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Intellar.com Competitive Intelligence Dashboards
Intellar.com Competitive Intelligence Dashboards

Intellar.com competitive intelligence dashboards are from the world-leading IP strategists at Perception Partners. Intellar® dashboards continuously automate the monitoring & market analysis of emerging technologies, global IP and organizational business milestones in a unified and secure cloud platform for teams.

Intellar contains custom curated, categorized and cleaned big data (from any source) for IP, R&D and M&A decision-making. Experts design rules, training patterns and taxonomy categorization logic that is learned, applied and maintained by machines. Experts remain in the loop to quality check, update and adjust content as team strategies and industry vocabularies evolve.

Intellar's transparent logic - tailored to each client's global point of view - delivers the most trusted and complete global datasets that technology business teams require. Intellar can analyze, visualize and build slide-based stories on demand to support patent portfolio management, technology scouting, open innovation, IP valuation, competitor assessment, freedom to operate, licensee identification and acquisition due diligence.

Dashboard users can comment, vote and tag records in context. Tags are "learning enabled" in that they understand how a user reached the tagged set, and tags are re-applied as data is updated. Other invited users can filter on any other user's markup. Analytics throughout Intellar can be instantly filtered and rapidly exported to PowerPoint slide templates or linked Excel downloads. No user data is trapped in the software.

Get your tech-investing team members on the same page now, with a custom Intellar dashboard. Or, request a free trial from our Intellar Library, which uses pre-made dashboards to track more than 20 of the world's most important emerging technologies every month.

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