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UK IPO’s First AI-Powered Tool for Trade Mark Applications

UK IPO’s First AI-Powered Tool for Trade Mark Applications

A blog post from Hayleigh Bosher writing for IPKat.

As Tim Moss (CEO of the UK IPO) mentioned in his interview with the IPKat, one of the exciting opportunities for the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and intellectual property is using AI to improve the process of applying for IP, such as the their trade mark pre-apply service. Below, the UK IPO tells us more about the pre-apply service, their plans for future use of AI and how to take part in their research.

The IPO is receiving higher quality trade mark applications following the launch of a new service powered by AI. In the year since the IPO’s trade mark pre-apply service was launched, the average number of trade mark applications rejected due to unsuitable Nice classification terms has dropped by 14%. Pre-apply is the IPO’s first service powered by AI. The AI tool identifies similar trade marks that already exist, and presents these to the customer, which helps improve the chances of successfully registering a trade mark. Additionally, by helping customers identify the right groups of goods and services for their proposed trade mark, using the pre-apply service means applications are more likely to be accepted.

Read the full article at the link below.

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