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The Funny Things About Computer Algorithms, #1

The Funny Things About Computer Algorithms, #1

As someone who has lived and breathed computer algorithms all her life, I am blessed to have had an abundance of opportunities to help procure protection for computer algorithms, namely methods that can be implemented by computer software or hardware. To this day, I continue to be fascinated by various perspectives from which computer-implemented methods are analyzed and applied. I feel so privileged that I would like to share some of the wonders and curiosities of working with computer algorithms.

Computer science has always had a special role in the patent world. For example, it was only in 1995, a few years after the Internet was created, that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) decided to accept computer science degrees for purposes of being admitted to the patent bar[i]. Since then, computer technology has continued to break new grounds, and the patent community has continued to grapple with the implications.

Like a double-edged sword, while computer technology can induce intense awe, it can also cause deep confusion. For a patent attorney who is also a computer scientist, sometimes there is no greater joy than helping elucidate why and how various advances in computer technology should or should not be protected.

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