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PatentsView Data Update - Data Through September 29, 2020

This month we updated the PatentsView database to include data on granted patents through September 29, 2020. This information is now available at www.patentsview.org.

We made the following enhancements and improvements to www.patentsview.org:

1.       The PatentsView API server size was increased to reduce internal error messages. The link to the API is https://api.patentsview.org/.

2.       We are continuing to regenerate the long text data to retain line breaks and address data issues. Updated data is now available on the bulk download page for:

·       Claims – Updated data from 2002-2004 – we modified the dependent field extraction algorithm to increase the number of dependent tags included in the dependent field

·       Long Text – Updated data from 2005-2020 – including brf_sum_text, claims, detail_desc_text, and draw_desc_text tables

·       Parties – Updated to include the missing applicant items from 2013-2020 (Pregrant applications database us_parties table)

·       WIPO – Updated to resolve the field 11 missing data in the WIPO table

3.       USPTO Published Applications data are available for download on the PatentsView bulk download page (https://www.patentsview.org/download/pregrantpublications.html).

4.       PatentsView GitHub has moved – visit us here for publicly available code, scripts and documentation http://github.com/PatentsView

A detailed list of the bulk download edits (and upcoming edits) can be found here: https://community.patentsview.org/node/178

The next data update is planned to go live in February 2021 and will include data through December 31, 2020.

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