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Can an AI Think Like an IP Professional?

Can an AI Think Like an IP Professional?

The true power of machine-based intelligence lies in the amount of data it can process in a short time. If you then train it to detect patterns in said data independent of user direction, you have a formidable piece of technology at your disposal. Of course, the devil is in the detail. On the one hand, the data must be structured to allow efficient processing and analysis. On the other hand, the quality or usefulness of any AI tool for the user is determined by the training and fine-tuning applied by the system's creator. In an IP context, using some generic text-analysis algorithms to query a patent database is likely not going to yield the best results. The language used in patents is abstruse enough for many humans, let alone machines. Consequently, any system intended to search patents must be precisely calibrated to the intricacies of patent language itself and, potentially, those of individual technology fields as well.

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