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Can AI Steal my Artwork? A Problem of Copyright

Can AI Steal my Artwork? A Problem of Copyright

Artificial intelligence defines the branch of computer science that studies the development of hardware and software systems endowed with typical human skills (interaction with the environment, learning and adaptation, reasoning and planning), able to reach autonomously a defined purpose by making decisions that were proper to human beings.

A science in continuous evolution, which has potentially no boundaries of application; that means, if, in specific sectors and at the same historical moment, particular technological developments occur, and the human's ability to easily manage the new tech tools improves, new scenarios could open up in the application of artificial intelligence in a fast and effective way.

In other words, we have moved from a vision of AI as a mathematical method (able to make a computer perform certain activities through data-entry, aimed at replacing humans in mechanical tasks), to a vision in which the AI becomes an autonomous intelligence capable of learning from data and providing new creative solutions.

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