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An Intelligent Matter: Positioning AI in IP

An Intelligent Matter: Positioning AI in IP

In this day and age, is it possible to go to an Intellectual Property (IP) conference or trade show and not be bombarded with the buzzword "artificial intelligence (AI)?" Is it possible to talk about modern IP management and its future without discussing AI? Why are we starting to feel so oversaturated with the topic of AI?

In looking at the presentations, products, and companies at popular IP trade shows and conferences as well as the latest blog posts of IP service providers, one might think to be part of an IP world that has embraced and implemented AI wholeheartedly and without complication.

In this context, two recurring issues emerge. One concerns the expectations of what AI can actually do and will do in the future. The other relates to the divergent, sometimes subjective definitions of what AI is. We, the providers of this technology, are not always entirely blameless in this confusion. Statements that an "AI thinks like an IP professional" or that an "AI can understand millions of patent texts" are misleading or simply wrong.

There was also a recent webinar on this topic from the folks at Dennemeyer which will be reported on in the future.

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