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AI – Who is in Control and Why is that Important?

AI – Who is in Control and Why is that Important?

Nils Newman of Search Technology gave the following presentation during the 2021 AI-SDV conference in October of 2021.

Since the 1950s, AI has been plagued by over promise and under performance, particularly at the interface between AI and topical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). AI has struggled to produce results that SMEs deem effective. As the current hype around the most recent wave of AI recedes, it is time to assess if the new round of research has improved AI’s capacity to help SMEs. This presentation looks at three aspects of current AI research that might actually be useful: Composite AI, Generative AI, and Small Data. These three approaches have the capacity to reduce the distance between AI systems and SMEs by allowing experts to have more local control and input into the behavior of AI systems. This closer interaction has the potential to lead to useful, effective results for SMEs.

A link to the slides from this presentation is available from the link below.

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