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AI Versus Manual Patent Searching: How a Hybrid Approach Can Optimize Success

AI Versus Manual Patent Searching: How a Hybrid Approach Can Optimize Success

With the forecasted growth of global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market size, it is evident that AI is quickly becoming the solution to most software and service needs. AI has even infiltrated our homes—for example, we are increasingly seeing smart home systems that incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) technology along with a master AI virtual assistant.

Undoubtedly, the technology has made space in the intellectual property-based service sector as well. For instance, to support patent searching, there are quite a few AI-based automated patent search tools available. Although many of these are still in their training stage, these tools are likely to mature. Thereafter, the question looming over innovators is whether to take advantage of affordable AI patent search tools or invest in outsourced manual patentability searches.

With AI-based patent search tools being available on subscription-based models at affordable prices, the dilemma mentioned above becomes even more imperative. So, although AI-based patent search tools are agile and user-friendly, they can be integrated with manual searches conducted by experienced analysts to obtain better results. The following article draws a comparison between both options and defines scenarios where these models can be deployed.

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