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AI: The Artificial Inventinator – Whitepaper

AI: The Artificial Inventinator – Whitepaper

The use of artificial technology has gradually expanded to numerous sectors such as healthcare, finance and automobiles. So far, the technology has acted as a medium to invent applications. But what if AI itself becomes the inventor? In such a scenario, can the inventorship of innovation be granted to AI? The concept of AI-generated inventions is fairly new. Sagacious IP’s latest whitepaper sheds light on AI’s role in generating innovations and its impact on patents. The detailed research also talks about the various methods of protecting AI in patents as well as the possibilities of using artificial technology in the IP ecosystem.

This whitepaper includes:

  1. The definition of AI and its importance in IP
  2. Different types of AI-generated inventions
  3. Impact of AI on IP Policy – Response to WIPO’s call for comments on the draft issues paper
  4. Inventorship and ownership issues with AI-assisted or AI-generated patents
  5. Patentable subject matter and patentability
  6. Disclosure issues related to AI-assisted or AI-generated patents
  7. The use of AI in other patent practices
  8. AI as Service in IP and its limitations

Download the white paper at the link below (registration required)

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